Unveiling Our Software's Stunning Features!

Lot Tracking Optimization

The lot register is kept dynamic, allowing for updates and changes as needed. Lot movements are exactly tracked based on various parameters such as Program created / pending / new. This enables a high level of traceability, making it easier to retrieve historical data about lots and their associated further activities.

Program Registry Enhancement

Process of creating and managing party programs, which are collections of various lots, parties and shade wise pieces. The key advantage is the real-time tracking of program statuses, which can be accessed remotely. This empowers decision-makers with up-to-date insights into the progress of different programs.

Advanced Chart Management

Here, represent batches of production with quantity allocation and Shade. System auto-generates essential reports like batch slips, Chart Forms, and Chart Recipes. Individual batch progress is closely monitored, providing a detailed view of each batch's journey through the production process.

Recipe Governance Streamlining

The system includes batch recipes, color recipes, chemical recipes, and more. Recipes are organized systematically based on parties involved and quality criteria. It not only saves time but also ensures consistency in the production process.

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Unveiling Our Software's Stunning Features!

Process Oversight Augmentation

Real-time monitoring by dedicated mobile application. The system manages batch processes on a per-machine basis. The real-time batch swiping and restructuring capability.

Utility Refinement

Enable multi-department, multi-user access. Provide instant chart process tracking, ensuring rapid system assimilation with real-time, secure, and confidential data handling. Receive mobile alerts for batch anomalies.

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Exhaustive Analytical Reporting

The reporting feature provides a comprehensive view of various aspects of the production process.

  • Costing reports offer insights into the financial aspect of production.
  • Production reports detail the output and efficiency of the manufacturing process.
  • Machine-wise reports give visibility into the performance of different machines.
  • Re-process batch reports help identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Dispatch reports provide information on products leaving the facility.

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